The Man Who Confessed to Strangling 93 People

Samuel Little — America’s deadliest serial killer

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Some police departments have circulated Samuel Little’s portraits of his victims, hoping that they will help families identify long-lost loved ones | Photo Credits: The Washington Post

The story of Samuel Little is one where a serial killer went undetected for decades after strangulating and assaulting more than ninety women. His case presented itself as one of the most critical cases in criminal studies to understand the strategies employed by the ruthless killers that speak scores about the biases of the criminal justice system. His victims were the neglected and alienated individuals of society who faced discrimination during their life and, in this case, even after their death.

Who was Samuel Little?

Samuel Little | Photo Credits: Al Jazeera

Samuel Little was born in Ohio in 1940 and led his life mainly on the road. He got through stealing and used the money to buy alcohol and drugs. He dropped out of high school, and in the 1950s, he left his house in Ohio. His life was full of crimes. He was notorious for frequently getting into trouble with the police, but he was often released soon. He is known as the most prolific serial killer in America after he confessed to the murder of 93 women in 2018. He died on December 30th, 2020, due to diabetes and heart problems. What is his story? How did he keep getting away 93 times?

The Man Who Was Arrested 26 Times And Still Walked Free

Samuel Little | Photo Credits: Photo Credits: WCPO

In 1956, Little was held in the institution for juvenile offenders after breaking into a property in Omaha, Nebraska. He was arrested 26 times by 1975 in more than 11 states for crimes such as theft, fraud, attempted rape, assault, and attacked government officials.

He was arrested in 1982 for the murder of Melinda Rose LáPree and was also tried for the murder in the September of 1982 of Patricia Ann Mount. However, Little was released in 1984 due to mistrust of witness testimonies.

In 1984, he was arrested for strangling and beating Laurie Barros, who survived. One month later…



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