The Keddie Cabin Murders

The tragic murders that shook the close-knit Plumas county remain unsolved to this day.

The Mystique
6 min readOct 13, 2021
The Keddie Cabin and its occupants | Photo Credits: Ati

The life of Sheila Sharp was never going to be the same when she came home to find blood-spattered bodies of her mother, her brother and his friend. The gruesomeness of their deaths was already clouding her mind when she realized her younger sister Tina was missing. Where did she go?

The Haunted Cabin

The Keddie Cabin | Photo Credits: People

It has been 40 years since the tragedy took place in rural Plumas County. The Keddie Cabin murders was a case that involved a triple-slaying as well as a missing child whose remains were later discovered. The date was April 11, 1981, when Cabin 28 saw the horrors that crowd it and to this day, the case remains cold.

On the side of State Route 70, on the way to Quincy, a wobbly wooden building with boarded-up windows greets whoever passes. The place looms, daunting and frightening, labelled the “Keddie Resort.” It has become a symbol for people driving through that route daily and a symbol for the community that lived around it. It serves as a constant reminder of horror and tragedy.



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