Out To Steal Marijuana, Ended Up Murdering Co-worker

The case was eventually tried at Canadian Supreme Court.

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Barry Riley was at the forefront of Timothy Langmead’s murder | Photo Credits: Raw Pixel

David Henry and Barry Riley murdered Timothy Langmead over an accidental appearance. They didn’t expect him to make an appearance at his marijuana grow-op that night.

One thing to led to another- eventually to Timothy’s murder on June 8, 1994.

Both Sold Marijuana To Same Dealer

Timothy Langmead didn’t live above the law. He dabbled in the typical, lucrative business of growing marijuana. This was common amongst residents of small communities like Port Coquitlam, a small city in British Columbia, Canada.

Barry and Timothy knew each other. They both grew and sold marijuana and often sold it to the same dealer. In fact, Barry helped set up Timothy’s marijuana grow-op.

On the night of June 8, 1994, this very business landed Timothy in hot waters.

Revenge Against Being Underpaid

A marijuana grow-op | Photo Credits: WordPress

Barry was furious that night. The drug dealer had shorted him out of $5,000 to $10,000 by overlooking the cost of wiring a bypass of the hydrometer.

Barry had snuck out his neck for the drug dealer and wasn’t being fairly compensated. At least, that is what he believed.

He rallied his high school friend David and headed to Timothy’s house. If the drug dealer wasn’t going to pay up, Barry would find a way to make him pay.

He intended to steal some marijuana to compensate for the five to ten thousand dollars.

Everything was turning out as expected.

Until it wasn’t.

Duct-taped To Death

Timothy Langmead was forcefully tied to the chair | Photo Credits: Gay Breath Control

Barry didn’t expect Timothy to be home. After all, he knew Timothy mostly stayed over at his Vancouver apartment. This error was going to cost Timothy



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