Man Drowns Wife For 2 Million Insurance Payout

It took the police officers 20 seconds to free Barbara Lanthier from the truck.

The Mystique


Barbara Lanthier | Photo Credits: Ottawa Citizen

The 1994 accident was carefully engineered to mask the murder. However, the police caught on: this is yet another heartbreaking story of murder for money.

Purchasing Insurance Policies Despite Heavy Debt

Gary Samuels and Barabara Lanthier’s started living together in a common-law relationship from 1985 onwards.

46-year-old Barbara was the life of the party. She owned the Clip Joint Salon in Ottawa.

Everyone considered them a happy, satisfied couple. They were openly affectionate. No serious fights occurred between the two.

However, no one else saw the number of life insurance policies purchased by Gary on the low. The payout for accidental death was a whopping $1,464,000.

It was 71.3 percent of their total insurance coverage. This meant Gary’d benefit the most from accidental death.

Another “coincidence” was that most of the accidental death insurance was purchased in the ten months before Barbara’s murder.

On the very day of her death, Gary purchased an insurance policy from a local travel agent for…



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