Kidnapped Teenager Reappears After 2 Years, But Is It Really Him?

Thomas Maines shockingly reappeared after two years, 8000 miles far in Europe.

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Boy coming home late night | Photo Credits: Pikist

We often hear stories about kidnapped children. All police data points towards the importance of finding them within the next 72 hours. Unfortunately, it is very rare for the child to be alive and doing well after that time has lapsed. However, Thomas Maines’ disappearance stands out since he supposedly reappeared many miles away after two years in 2010.

Boy Vanishes In Thin Air, Who Is To Blame?

Thomas Maines was a resident of the small town of Ponoma, California. It would be an understatement to say that he had a troubled childhood. He lived together with his mother, Janice Maines, and siblings Craig and Kimberly. Their mother was a textbook heroin addict, spending most of her time sleeping it away. Little could she have imagined that it would cost her son’s life one day.

On the other hand, Thomas was known around town for being arrogant and misbehaving. He would often steal his mother’s money and spend most of his days away from home playing basketball. He also often indulged in drugs despite being fifteen years old. His brother was no better- he shared the same tendencies as his mother.

In late 2008, it was an ordinary day at the Maines household. Thomas had stolen petty theft from his mother and headed out to play basketball late into the evening. When he called his mother to pick him up, she didn’t answer. After all, she was sleeping away her most recent drug spiral.

Thomas had no choice but to call his temperamental brother Craig. Craig picked up but shouted at Thomas to arrange transport for himself. He said:

“Come back yourself, even if you have to walk back.”

Thomas had no choice but to listen to his brother. Unfortunately, the entire Maines family ended up regretting this exchange. It would be their last conversation with Thomas. That day, he disappeared and was never seen again.

Investigation Leads Nowhere

The Ponoma police considered it to be a runaway case. After all, the home situation wasn’t…



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