Florida Nurse Murders College Student With Lethal Drug

It was scary and confusing, and everyone in the Florida college town felt like a suspect.

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Michelle Herndon, the university girl murdered | Photo Credits: NBC News

Michelle Herndon was a student at the University of Florida (UF) and often suffered migraines due to academic stress. She tried different herbal remedies and medications, but nothing helped. It was not until Michelle met nurse Oliver O’Quinn that she found a way to relieve her pain. However, what began as a miracle cure ended in her death, and it took years and an international chase to find her murderer.

Finds A ‘Miracle’ Cure

Michelle with her best friend, Jessica Seipel (left) | Photo Credits: IMDb

Michelle, 24, was one of the most popular students at university, and everyone adored her for her upbeat personality. Besides excelling in quizzes and assignments, she was also a personal fitness trainer. She first met Oliver when he signed the lease and moved in with her best friend, Jessica Seipel, in 2005.

Oliver, 29, worked as a nurse at the UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville. Jessica often heard Michelle complain about her migraines, so she sought Oliver’s help. Although Oliver and Michelle had a casual friendship, Oliver found Michelle very attractive and became fixated with the young college student.

So, to make Michelle happy, Oliver gave her a miracle cure for pain relief. Not knowing what was in the injection, she got it, and it worked. Little did she know she had just stepped into Oliver’s trap to make her his girl.

Reveals An Unexpected Truth

Michelle and Oliver O’Quinn (left) | Photo Credits: IMDb

Michelle continued to seek treatment from Oliver for the next two months. She could tell he liked her, but she kept him at arm’s length. Michelle had a fiancé, Jason Dearing, whom she planned to marry the following year. However, Oliver was unaware of this until he accidentally found it out on 8 November 2005. After that, things turned from bad to worse.



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