Cannibal History Teacher Tortures And Murders Student

Albert Fentress fried Paul Master’s genitals before eating them.

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Albert Fentress | Photo Credits: Poughkeepsie Journal

Eighteen-year-old Paul Masters was an ordinary unruly teenager. Little did he know that trespassing Albert Fentress’ lawn would cost his life in such an outrightly brutal manner. This 1979 crime rang alarms in all of New York, and Albert soon became dubbed New York’s very own Hannibal Lecter.

Fun History Teacher Suspected To Be Homosexual

39-year-old Albert was a history teacher at the local middle school in Poughkeepsie, New York. At first glance, there seemed nothing suspicious about Albert. Instead, he was everyone’s favorite fun teacher. He made history fun and deeply cared about his students.

However, some of his colleagues found Albert’s deep involvement with students. 1960s America was not kind to homosexuality, and many suspected him to be queer. But the flying rumors also carried disturbing tidbits: some thought he was a bit too fond of the little boys. These rumors became widespread enough to start affecting Albert’s life.

Some students broke into Albert’s house and burned “Fairy” on his front lawn — once a homophobic slur. They wanted to shame and chase him away from the school. The students failed in that but instead made Albert more bitter and angry. The next day, Albert purchased a .38 handgun in May 1979. This handgun was soon going to be used to coerce, sexually assault and torture a teenage student.

Albert Gets Student Drunk And Lures To His Basement

Newspaper cutting from Poughkeepsie Journal | Photo Credits: Newspapers

The infamous cannibal incident took place three months later, in August 1979. On August 19, Albert went to bed per his usual routine. However, he was rudely woken up by noises from his lawn. Immediately on the defense after remembering the recent hooliganism, he rushed over, ready to punish the trespassers this time around.

To his surprise, it was a lone teenager, the eighteen-year-old Paul Masters. His intention was not to harass the middle-aged teacher…



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