Britain’s Youngest Female Double-Murderer Enjoyed Killing

Lorraine Thorpe tortured her father before murdering him.

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Lorraine Thorpe (left), Rosalyn Hunt (centre) and Paul Clark (right) | Photo Credits: Daily Mail

15-year-old Lorraine Thorpe was arrested on August 10, 2009, in Ipswich, Suffolk- she had killed not only her father but also another 41-year-old woman, Rosalyn Hunt. Her profile gives a haunting glimpse into the horrors of troubled socialization.

Childhood Spent Hanging Out With An Alcoholic Crowd

Lorraine didn’t carry out these murders alone: she had 41-year-old Paul Clark’s help. This man was, ironically, her father’s close friend. She became acquainted with him after her parents split up when she was barely twelve years old.

43-year-old Desmond Thorpe had many problems of his own, starting from being homeless. Father and daughter shifted from squalid flat to another, often living in tents. Desmond was also a raging alcoholic and hung out with a notoriously deviant group of middle-aged alcoholics. That is also how she met Paul. Paul was the unquestionable ringleader of the makeshift group: dysfunctional to a tee, they were often violent with each other. They stole to keep up their drinking habits.

As if this wasn’t enough, Lorraine also struggled with ADHD. She stopped taking the medication soon after becoming part of this group. She’d cling after her father, who had nothing better to do with his life than hang out with this hyper-aggressive bunch. Lorraine stopped going to school and evaded well-meaning social services.

The duo even lived in Paul’s apartment for a while- it was truly an unfit atmosphere to bring up an impressionable child. Soon enough, its effects started showing on Lorraine, culminating in the double murder. The judge acknowledged the role of the maladjusted upbringing, saying:

“To describe her upbringing as not being a proper upbringing would be an understatement, but it has left her as a violent young woman and a highly manipulative young woman as well. She has been left with no real understanding of what is right and what is wrong.”

Murdering Her Friend And Father



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