A Filipino Maid Strangles And Mutilates Her Best Friend

Guen Aguilar left Jane Puebla’s dead body in her room for two days before chopping her up.

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Jane Puebla (left) and her best friend turned murderer, Guen Aguilar (right) | Photo Credits: Wiki.sg

In March 2005, a pair of domestic workers met in a park on Orchard Road in Singapore. Guen and Jane were Filipino immigrants who connected over their loneliness in a foreign land. However, when a wedge drew between them, they would act out in the worst imaginable ways toward one another.

Finds A Meaningful Connection

Guen, 29, worked at the eight-floor residence of Prakash Mallya and his wife, Anjali Mallya. She was married and had two young sons, but they did not live with her at the Mallya residence.

Every Sunday, Guen traveled from Serangoon Avenue 2 to the park by the Orchard MRT station, where she would spend time with them. That is where Guen encountered Jane, 26, for the first time in March 2005. She had come to the park with her 9-year-old son and husband.

Jane, a Filipino domestic servant, became fast friends with Guen. They usually hung out together on weekends, but Jane sometimes visited Guen at the Mallya residence. Even though the two understood each other the best, it was all in vain in the end.

Little could Jane imagine that the woman she used to call her sister would turn around and kill her.

Help Comes At A Great Cost

Over the following months, Jane struggled to keep her family afloat. Her husband lost his job, meaning she was now the household’s breadwinner. As she was drowning in overdue bills, she sought help from Guen.

When Guen saw Jane crying in distress, she loaned her $2,000 to help pay her bills. However, this was not entirely Guen’s money. A Filipino man had loaned half of the sum to Guen, which he had gotten from a Singaporean loan shark. At 20% interest, it came back to bite Guen soon.

On September 7 2005, Jane visited Guen at her employer’s house around 12:35 pm. She had gone there to apologize to Guen and inform her that she would be unable to return the money when it was due. However, Jane did not expect her best friend to react the way she did.



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