Ally Kostial was shot eight times by her boyfriend after he told her to get an abortion.

At the young age of 21, Ally Kostial was brutally murdered by her on-and-off boyfriend, Brandon Theesfeld. 20th July 2019 was the fateful day it happened. Eight bullets pierced her unsuspecting body.

Hitchhiking doesn’t always allow you to reach the end of your journey.

Hitchhiking has always been a topic that has led the public to have a rather polarized reaction. On one end, many believe that it is a liberating experience that allows people to trust other human beings outside of their circle. In contrast, others believe that hitchhiking can lead to dire…

Colleen J. Stan was locked in a box for 23 hours every day.

Few cases have secured the international coverage that this 1977 one did. It is a horrific example of a twisted man’s dehumanizing fantasies imposed on his victim. For the sake of Cameron Hooker’s pleasure, Colleen was tortured, raped, electrocuted and whipped.

Wife Manipulated Into Submission

From being an Archaeology student to a drug dealer

Governments worldwide have been fighting a war on drugs for decades. A war that does not seem to come close to ending anytime soon. However, as prison populaces and monetary costs increase, and drug-related violence worldwide continues, the government and other experts are desperately trying to come up with a…

A case that blew wide open because of a parrot witness.

Taking risks is a slice of human nature. Whether gambling on a slot machine or scratching a lottery ticket, some enjoy activities that offer a potential danger and a potential reward. However, thrill-seeking comes with its downsides. Developing an addiction to gambling when your source of income is already sparse…

A jealous ex-partner brutally disposes of a woman in a suitcase in cold-blooded rage.

The story revolves around discovering a woman’s body remains in a suitcase and is more than just a love relationship gone bad. Gergana Prodanava was a 38-year-old woman who worked at the Great Western Hotel in Exeter, England. Reported missing in August 2016, Gergana had no idea what was in…

What happens when a con man goes to extreme lengths to cover up his tracks?

John George Haigh was a man who haunted the British for several years. The man, who had a cunning mind and a shrewd nature, became the inspiration for many authors and screenwriters. All of whom were focused on unraveling his rather complex character bordering on sociopathy. However, not many people…

The Mystique

Obsessed with all things mystery.

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