39-Year-Old Mystery Of Teen Girl Kidnapped At The Vatican

The search for the missing Emanuela Orlandi has sparked some disturbing conspiracy theories.

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The missing Emanuela Orlandi | Photo Credits: The Telegraph

Emanuela was the daughter of Ercole Orlandi, a senior Vatican official. On June 22, 1983, the 15-year-old girl was abducted as she was coming home from a music class. Her brother Pietro Orlandi has been looking for her ever since. Despite the authorities getting several tips, Emanuela’s disappearance remains a haunting enigma.

Reported Missing

Emanuela during her childhood | Photo Credits: The Sunday Times

Playing the flute was one of Emanuela’s favorite pastimes, but she aspired to become a professional. So she enrolled in flute classes at a music school in Rome and went there thrice a week.

On June 22, 1983, she arrived at class and called her sister after it ended. However, she never returned home. That phone call to her sister was the last time anyone heard from Emanuela ever again. Her family reported her missing the next day with a heavy heart.

When the inquiry began, the police received a large number of tips. Two tips, in particular, appeared to indicate that the detectives had discovered their first big lead.

The Mysterious Phone Calls

Emanuela with her family and Pope John Paul II | Photo Credits: ati

On June 25, police got a call from a man who identified himself as “Pierluigi”. He claimed to have seen Emanuela that day in Rome and described her flute and clothes in great detail. He also said that the girl went by the name ‘Barbarella’ and had fled home to sell Avon goods.

When the investigators questioned her sister, she confirmed that Emanuela had mentioned it to her before disappearing. Then, on June 28, the police received another tip in which the caller stated that he encountered a woman called ‘Barbara’ and she had escaped her home. He allegedly saw her at a pub near her music school.



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