14-Year-Old Girl Stomped To Death While Walking Her Dog

The police could have never caught the murderer if not for the fitness app.

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14-year-old April Millsap | Photo Credits: True Crime Daily

Armada is a small town in Michigan, known for being crime-free since 1973. However, this peace only lasted 41 years before the entire village was swept in a wave of tremendous fear. The front doors, which the town residents had never locked before, started being locked at sunset. Every parent shuddered at the possibility of their daughter ending up like 14-year-old April Millsap.

Grows Up Loved

April was born on January 2000, in Armada, Michigan. She lived with her mother, Jennifer Millsap, and step-father, David Lichtenfelt. Nobody in the town knew much about April’s birth-father except for his name, Bobby Millsap.

Growing up, April was a kind-hearted girl surrounded by people who adored her. She had great friends and a boyfriend, Austin Albertson. April began dating him when she was almost 13 years old.

One of her passions was fitness, and April made it one of her daily rituals to do an evening hike on the nearby Macomb Orchard Trail with her dog Penny. Little did she know that one day she would not be able to return home.

Ambush On The Trail

April’s dog, Penny | Photo Credits: Patch

On July 24 2014, April left the house for her daily walk with Penny at 5:30 pm. She was completing her set goal of the number of steps for the day when she noticed a guy in a motorcycle following her. Scared, April started to walk faster with Penny in tow.

After walking a few miles, April breathed a sigh of relief, thinking she had outrun the stalker. She sent a text message to Austin at 6:28 pm that read:

“I almost got kidnapped OMFG.”

However, as she sent that message, the guy on the motorcycle caught up to her. April’s blood ran cold upon seeing him get off the vehicle with his motorcycle helmet in his hand. He came on to her, but she refused. Even Penny’s barks and growls did not stop him. April struggled and fought back, but the violent stranger…



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